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Remuneration Code Disclosure

Nekton Capital Limited (“Nekton Capital” or “Nekton”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (the “FCA”). We are categorised as a “SNI MIFIDPRU investment firm” by the FCA for capital purposes and report on a solo basis. Nekton Capital is subject to the Remuneration Code for MIFIDPRU Firms as codified in Section 19G of the SYSC sourcebook of the Financial Conduct Authority handbook. This MIFIDPRU 8 disclosure fulfils our obligation to disclose to market participants, key information on Nekton’s remuneration policies and practices.

Nekton ensures that its remuneration policy and application is consistent with its business strategy, objectives and long-term interests and that it promotes effective risk management and does not encourage excessive risk taking. Nekton’s Management Committee is responsible for the firm’s remuneration policy, agreeing the framework for variable remuneration plans and approving remuneration packages, including variable remuneration, for staff. Given the size and nature of our business we do not have a separate remuneration committee.

Staff receive a salary which reflects their market value, responsibilities and experience. They may also receive variable remuneration, such as an annual bonus. Staff are assessed throughout the year and variable compensation is based on company and individual performance considering both financial and non-financial measures. Excess profits of Nekton Capital Limited may be paid in dividends to shareholders of the firm. Due to the size of the firm and the limited number of staff, quantitative disclosures in relation to remuneration have not been included.

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